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HRL' products are excellent quality and highly reliable, and making great contribution to the industrial refrigeration market worldwide.

ADRS (Ammonia Detect & Recovery System)

With an ammonia sensor installed inside the stock room, ADRS is a system which shuts off the solenoid valve, then shift the operation of the compressor to recover the leaked refrigerant.
Once the sensor detects ammonia leakage, it sends a signal to the control panel to switch the operation so that the spread of ammonia can be prevented.

ADRS (Ammonia Detect & Recovery System) Operating Principle

In case ammonia leakage occurs….

1. The sensor detects even the slightest level of ammonia (tens of ppm).
2. The signal from the sensor is sent to the warning units through a transmitter installed inside a    Stock Room.
3. The recovery operation runs, and alerts the leakage.
4. The signal received reaches the control panel of the refrigeration system which controls the    whole system.
5. The liquid flow switch is instantly closed, and the compressor begins to recover the leaked    refrigerant.
6. While the compressor recovers the refrigerant, it also controls its own running pressure in order    to prevent the abnormal stoppage.
7. The compressor stops after recovering the refrigerant from its unit coolers, liquid pipes, and    suction pipes.
8. The system will be re-started after HRL's contact person or service staff investigate the cause,    and any faults rectified.

Ammonia Detect & Recovery System

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