HRL has won more than 80% of the global market share of tuna fishing boats with the refrigeration compressor specialising ultracold use.


2011 The 90th Anniversary of HRL’s foundation.
2010 The 100th Anniversary of HRL’s first inauguration.
2009 Renewal to ISO9001/2008
2008 Exhibited and attended to IIAR 2008 in Colorado Springs.
Exhibited and attended to IIAR 2008 in Colorado Springs. Exhibited and attended to IIAR 2008 in Colorado Springs. Exhibited and attended to IIAR 2008 in Colorado Springs.
2007 AMAGASAKI FACTORY New Factory in Amagasaki Bay Area started its operation.
Tokyo Branch Office moved to Rakuchou Building
HRL was awarded by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for a vibrant small-and-medium sized company as a corporation which has achieved the high share of the global market in its field.
2002 Tokyo Branch Office was returned to Maru Building.
2001 Acquisition of Certificate of ISO9001/2000.
2000 Opened US Branch Office in San Antonio, TX.
Started delivery of VZL type refrigeration compressor.
1999 Developed food distribution center equipped with the advanced IT.
1998 Ammonia brine cooler unit was developed.
1997 The Agent agreement for BLC Freezer was contracted.
1996 Sales operation started through the local agent in South Korea.
1995 Super AL Cooling System was developed.
New Brine Cooler Unit was developed.
1994 Packaged Air Conditioning Unit for Aircraft was delivered to Kansai Air Port.
1993 Developed VK/VKL type refrigeration compressor.
1992 Developed VZL type refrigeration compressor for Super Deep Freezing Application.
1991 Sales operation through local agent in Australia began.
1990 HASEGAWA USA, Inc HASEGAWA USA, Inc Opened HASEGAWA USA Inc, in San Antonio, TX.
Established the largest capacity of CA cold storage.
1989 Developed Engine Driven Compressor Unit.
1988 Completed expansion of Head office in Osaka.
1987 Renewing production, research and welfare facilities
1985 1985 VML
1984 HRL was certified as the Best Rationalized Factory by MITI.
Published "Refrigeration 75 Years",-Hasegawa History as for 75th anniversary.
1983 Sales operation through the local agent in Indonesia and Taiwan started.
1982 New hot-gas defrosting system was developed.
1981 Flanged motor compressor unit was developed. Dry-Ace unit was developed.
1980 1980 VZRM Completed new head office in Osaka.
The new head office building opened.
HRL was awarded by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for manufacturing first-class high-pressure gas facilities and equipment.
1979 Certified as the best Manufacture of High Pressure Machinery and Equipment by Osaka Breau of MITI.
1973 HRL’s capital reached to 100 million yen
1972 Awarded by the governor of Osaka for manufacturing top-level high-pressure gas facilities and equipment
1971 1971 VZ The certification number as a company contributing for export was granted; 46-O-1404
1970 The largest Block Ice Making (1000MT/Day) facility was completed in the Philippines.
1969 Breakthrough to the field of Super Deep Freezing Applicationin Marine Vessel.
1968 Changed name as Hasegawa Refrigeration Industries, Ltd.
Certified as model factory for rationalism.
1967 Awarded by the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Osaka for a company of the good standard.
1966 HRL was certified as a company for its contribution to exports
1965 Start manufacturing compound type high-speed reciprocating compressor.
1958-1964 1958 SP 1958 WF 1962 VC 1964 VL
1955 1955 VF Start manufacturing packaged air conditioning (Semi hermetic 3.7kw/5.5kw)
1954 1954 VM 1954 VS
1950 The first high speed multi-cylindrical ammonia compressor was imported by HRL, and it was shown openly in the refrigeration industry for further development of the machine
1946 - 1948 1946 SUA 1946 UMA 1948 HPC
1938 Ammonia Deep Freezing Application Developed Ammonia Deep Freezing Application.
1924 - 1931 1924 1925 1930 1931
1922 Head Office Registered HASEGAWA Iron Works Ltd.
1921 first Japanese Ammonia Compressior Manufactured first Japanese Ammonia Compressor
The passion for this compressor still lives in the spirit of HRL, as a manufacture pursuing the higher quality of the compressor.
1910 Established HASEGAWA Iron Works.

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