HRL has won more than 80% of the global market share of tuna fishing boats with the refrigeration compressor specialising ultracold use.


2000-2011 The USA branch is set up
A major industrial cold distribution center in Wang Noi, Thailand
ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) in Jakarta, Indonesia
To the present day, HRL has been exporting its refrigeration compressors and plants to overseas.
1997 Ross Co., in the USA becomes HRL's exclusive agent in the region of Southeast Asia and Oceania for BLC Freezer
1996 Dong Yang Engineering Co., Ltd. becomes HRL's appointed agent
1991 Cool Import Pty, Ltd in Australia becomes HRL's appointed agent
1990 HASEGAWA USA INC, is set up in San Antonio, Texas, USA
1983 The refrigeration plant contracted by San Wah Marine Products Ltd. in Macao
P.T.Karunia Perkass International Indonesia and Shue & Sons Co.,Ltd Taiwan are appointed as HRL's overseas agents.
1982 The refrigeration plant in Iloilo, the Philippines
The project of refrigeration plant for a newly built fishing port in Jakarta, Indonesia
1976 The refrigeration plant construction for PPFC, Burma
1975 The refrigeration plant for the Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Bureau of the Philippines
1972 The ice making plant in Semarang, Indonesia
The ice making plant in Vietnam funded by Asian Development Bank
The refrigeration plant for Hong Kong Pioneer Refrigeration Co., Ltd.
1967 HRL's agent in Vietnam HRL receives a major order for the vertical ammonia compressor in South Vietnam
1962 The refrigeration plant to the Republic of Maldives
1960 HRL exports refrigeration machinery to Halilipeles in the Philippines
The ice making refrigeration plant for Ocean Foods Ltd
1959 Arrangement scenery in HRL's joint venture, Siam Surely Co., Ltd in Thailand HRL’s joint venture, Siam Surely Co., Ltd in Thailand opens
1955 HRL exports compact-size refrigeration equipments to Vietnam
The ice making plant to the Thai Navy Force
HRL exports SUA type refrigeration machinery to Cambodia first time after the War
1951 HRL sets out the extension and renovation work of Korean ice making plant in Pusan, Korea, as the first post-war overseas project
1949 The HPC75 Type refrigeration machinery is exported to Taiwan first time after the War by HRL
1941-1945 The Pacific War
1935 HRL exports compact-size refrigeration machineries to the main land China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and to the South Pacific Islands.
1925 The ice making plant, production of 50 tons per day, to Dalian Ice, Ltd.
1921 Steps forward to overseas for new business opportunities
1921 The first ammonia compressor is manufactured
1910 Established HASEGAWA Iron Works


The staff of HRL and its overseas agents are devoted to contribute to society as a member of engineering corporations.

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