HRL has won more than 80% of the global market share of tuna fishing boats with the refrigeration compressor specialising ultracold use.


After the Pacific War, HRL began to export the ammonia compressors (Vertical Type) overseas.
・ In 1959, Thai Surely was set up to promote its business activities, and
- To handle entire construction work
- To localize the production of ancillary machinery and equipment
- To enhance HRL's service quality and provide technical advice the user
- To do efficient marketing in neighboring countries
・ HRL supplied its products to various facilities like the ice making plants, refrigeration warehouses and distribution centers.
・ Up to the present day, HRL has continuously offered its products and worked in construction projects through our agent


1. Newly constructed Distribution Center (2011)

Stocking Capacity 15000 tons. HRL designed and constructed this most up-to date distribution center.
Two-storied. The ammonia liquid pump system maintains its efficient performance level in various temperature zones.

Thailand Recent Cases No.1

2. Ice Making Plant (2005)

Automated – Block ice making – Crushing ice – Weighing/packing

Highly value added commodity: Sold twice to three times as much as the other brands

Thailand Recent Cases No.2

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