HRL has won more than 80% of the global market share of tuna fishing boats with the refrigeration compressor specialising ultracold use.


Here are HRL's activities in other Asian countries


・ Since 1960's, HRL has worked for many ice making plants funded by the Asian Development Bank and the International Development Bank
- P.T. Kariya Mina (1973)
- P.T. Usaha Mina (1974)
- P.T. Tirta Mina (1976)
- Perm Perikan Malux (1976)
・ In 1982, HRL constructed ice making/refrigeration plants on Turnkey basis as parts of the Jakarta Fishing Port, which was financed by yen loans project of the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund. It completed in 1984.
・ Since then, up to the present days, HRL has supplied many refrigeration plants to the local business entities such as PT. Bonecom, BOSCO and PT.Indomaguro.

Appearance of refrigeration plants in Indonasia Machine room of refrigeration plants in Indonasia
Inside of refrigeration plants in Indonasia Inside of refrigeration plants in Indonasia


・ In 1975, HRL won the contract in the international tender for the ice making plant for Fishery Development Corporation
・ In 1978, HRL made an agent agreement with a local company.
・ Since the 1980's, numbers of refrigeration/freezing facilities for potato and prawn have been built by HRL.


・ After the war, in 1952, HRL exported ammonia compressors first time to Myanmar
・ In 1956, the ice making plant, production capacity of 50 tons per day and storing capacity of 500 tons, for FMCS was constructed by HRL (intergovernmental project)
・ HRL was awarded a contract for People’s Pearl and Fishery Corporation in an International tender.


・ In 1960, the construction work for a large refrigeration plant for the Ocean Foods, a joint venture with Japanese company, was assigned to HRL.


・ HRL actively supplied its compressor since the pre-war period.


・ HRL worked for ice making plants since prewar periods
・ Taiwan was the first country HRL exported its vertical compressor after the war, and up until the 1930's, its export to Taiwan thrived.
・ In 1960, the technical partnership was made between TMMC, a machinery manufacturer, and HRL
・ Ever since 1933 and to the present day, HRL has notable sales results of its compressors for marine use through its local agent.

Machine room Taiwan plant


・ HRL supplied ice making plants since prewar periods
・ After the war, HRL contributed the re-establishment of the fishing industry in Korea by working for the ice making plans contracted by the US army.
・ In 1960's, HRL actively delivered the compressor for fishing boats and refrigeration plants
・ In 1978, a joint venture, Uhan Ltd. was set up. The local production of the compressor was in operation employing the knock-down system

KINTEK Exhibition in Korea KINTEK Exhibition in Korea

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